Our Jabiru J170


The J170 is the latest addition to our modern fleet. It is an absolute delight to fly and handles like a dream! It definitely looks the part with those long wings and winglets...like the J160, it has a cruise speed of around 100kts with predictable and safe handling characteristics


Jabiru J170 Instrument Panel
This is one of the latest training aircraft released by Jabiru...

The J170 is basically the J160 with the longer wings of the J230 and a bigger elevator.

The longer wings allow it to climb faster in hot conditions.

The longer wings also provide more float on landing which is helpful when learning to land.


Jabiru J170 Image


The dual controls and adjustable rudder pedals are continued in this model. The 100 knot TAS cruise speed is still easily achievable at 2850 rpm in the J170.

The Jabiru J170


100kt cruise
Stall 40kt (Full Flaps)

15lt an hour fuel burn
Dual Control - center Stick
Electric Flaps
Cabin Heater
Wing Tanks - total 135 lts
VFR Instrument Panel
Steerable Nose wheel
1,000nm Range

To learn more about the Jabiru J170 - CLICK HERE

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